The light in every place in the world is unique, as are the people and objects I photograph. This light is the raw material I weave into the desired mood and image for each project.




Long before shooting begins, a large part of the work has already been done. The location has been scouted and matched to the subject, to synchronize lighting conditions with all other factors that complete the puzzle of the story. 



It is better to add everything that you could possibly want and then subtract, till you are left with the most effective, yet minimalist approach. I always pay great attention to the subject’s gaze. Regarding objects, I like to combine reflections and symmetrical lines within the frame. Portraiture and architecture are two of my favorite types of photography.


Shooting Day

Whether it is portraiture, object photography or even architecture photography, proper preparation ensures that shooting proceeds smoothly and without difficulties. Everything needs to be ready on the day.

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