I will create a set of  unique audiovisual storylines which will disclose the soul of your brand. From the initial idea to the final cut, my work as a film director is to ensure that everything is as flawless as possible, in accordance to our plan.


Location scouting

If you are looking for an urban setting, my knowledge of the city will lead us in the right direction quickly. If you are looking for a natural setting, Greece is one of the most photogenic countries on the planet, and much of that beauty is just a short distance from Athens.


Unique perspective

My approach is cinematic. Seeking a unique style for each campaign that can be successfully captured on film always leads to inspired results.



The main tool is visual pre-production. I always make sure that I understand what the client is looking for and that I can transmit it fully. Having worked as a cinematographer, film editor, camera operator, I am aware of the crew’s points of view, making me a more effective director on set.

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