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Phaedra – I

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This is a solo multimedia portrayal of a modern-day Phaedra, the legendary wife of King Theseus, who falls hopelessly in love with her young son-in-law, Hippolytus. In this version, she bears all the ambiguities of a restless, contemporary woman, who oscillates between the desires of the flesh and the attraction to the void, as she suffocates in her socially imposed roles within the ruins of a decaying metropolis.

The production’s use of 3-D mapping, video projections and minimalist aesthetics yields a highly poetic visual trip through Phaedra’s stations of personal and public history. The performer embodies all the characters of the ancient myth passed onto us by Euripides, Seneca and Racine. Taking on their speech, Phaedra is also in constant dialogue with her digital selves, becoming Aphrodite, Theseus, Hippolytus, the Chorus and the crisis-ridden City itself. Struggling to escape the existential fatigue that plagues her, she ultimately emerges as a palimpsest of voices, images and memories.

Phaedra: Elena Pellone
Playwright – Director : Avra Sidiropoulou
Set/Costume/Video designer: Mikaela Liakata
Concept dramaturg: Miranda Manasiadis
Dramaturg: Eleni Gkini
Composer: Vanias Apergis
Lighting Designer: Anna Sbokou
Assistant Directors: Julia Kogou, Maria Hadjistylli
Director of photography: Michael Demetrius
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