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Colorful Water

Docu episode for tv

The Sea Clown Sailing Circus, with acrobats and activist artists, offers a spectacular spectacle in colorful waters, inspiring us to add some color to our lives, to laugh, to become more creative, bolder, happier. Straddling between sea, land and air, as the sailboats they live on are also part of their scenery, they present us with something completely unique and innovative. They promote the game as a revolutionary means that brings the world together, acting therapeutically and beneficially.

Through collective effort, hard work and discipline, they combine art with life itself, inviting their viewers to a journey of imagination, freedom and hope, but also to a wider alternative way of life. In today's age when so many people are trapped in an endless routine, these nomads of the sea travel us from anchorage to anchorage spreading joy and optimism.

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