Michael Demetrius was born in 1989. Holding a dual US & Greek nationality, he also has roots in South Africa and Asia Minor. As a film director, Michael has a multicultural perspective, tempered by the experience of living through the socio-economic crisis in one of its epicenters, Athens.

Through his work, Michael interconnects and links views, fears and hopes of the human soul. He is dedicated to the development and production of films, documentaries and TV series with a strong artistic gaze, addressing audiences worldwide. Michael also creates other audiovisual productions, such as commercials, corporate and music videos.

Michael holds a Master’s degree with a specialization in acting and directing, Magister Artium in theatrical studies from the Open University of Cyprus having graduated with honours in June 2019. He earned a B.A. in film studies from the University of Greenwich, also with honours, having first a Certificate in Film & Television Studies from New York College, Athens Campus. In 2020 Michael was assistant professor to Ana Sanz Magallon at the Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) for script and project development. 

In 2019, Michael wrote, directed and co-produced with the  Greek Film Centre (GFC) the short film CLOUD. It won the first audience award at the Micro μ Festival (IMμF). It premiered at the 42nd Short Film Festival and the 25th International Short Film Festival in Drama in September 2019. CLOUD has also been officially selected for the “Athens International Film Festival”. It won the Cinematic Achievement from Thess International Short Film Festival.

His short film documentary, EVRIPIDOU 14 (2016), received the award ΚΙΝΗΤΡΑ in September 2016 at the 39th Drama International Short Film Festival. It also won Best Short in the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards 2017.

Michael also wrote and directed the documentary series, «Χωρίς Ερώτηση» “Without Question”. It launched on ERT2, the Greek National Broadcaster, in 2016 and ran for 16 episodes until  2017. He was one of the youngest directors to undertake such a project with Greek television.